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F tti and Siu PattL.   These are now to all intents and purposes distinct
,   each with several subordinate hamlets, where most  of the landed
proprie^ reside, while the old bazar still remains as^a common centre  but is
mablv occupied by tradespeople.    In it are the sarai, police-station, built in
1869 and halkabandi school    Here, too, every Saturday, a large market is held;
all the dealers who attend it having to pay an octroi tax at graduated rates, ac-
cording to the commodities which they haw for sale.    These duties are fanned
out to a contractor, who in 1805, the year when the last revision of settlement
took place   paid for the privilege Bs. 340, a sum which has now been increased
to Bs. 429.    This income certainly is not very large, but as the market is a
Doputor one it might, beyond a doubt, be greatly increased, if only the headmen
Laid recognize the obligation, under which they lie, of occasionally devoting
part of the proceeds to local improvements.   Up to tho present time they have
done nothing: the market is held in the main street, which is so densely crowd-
ed from one°end to the other that all through traffic is obstructed ; the sarae is
too small to accommodate one-half the number of visitors, and there is no separate
yard in which to stall horses and cattle ; the clouds of dust that rise from the
Hnmetalled roadway make it painful to see and breathe, and would seriously
damage any goods of better quality that might'be brought; and, in addition to
althis, an open space at the end of the street, where the crowd is the very
thickest, has been selected as a convenient spot for depositing all the sweepings
of &e town till they are carted away as manure for the fields.    Even the two
substantial masonry wells which there are in the bazar have not been con-
structed by the market trustees, but are the gift of one of the resident shop-
Another market is held on Thursday, but exclusively for the sale of cattle.
A considerable amount of business is transacted, though the animals offered
for sale are generally inferior in quality to those brought to the Kosi market
on the opposite side of the rivet. Bajana has also been one of the depots for
Government stallions since 1856, when, the establishment was transferred here
from &e adjoining village of Shankar-garhi, at Aligarh,
The two pattis of Sultan and Dilu are watered by a short branch of the
Ganges Canal, which enters the district at the village of Ahmad-pur, and passes
also through Shankar-garhi In Siu, Fatti the proprietary shares are not
reckoned by biswas but by wellsj which, whether really so or not, are put
at 36 in number* The jama is Bs. 3,400, and the quota of each { well' is
Bs. 96, making a total of Bs. &?456; the surplus of Bs. 56 going to tho
hunbexd£xs. Similarly, in Ma% the reckoning is by ploughs and bulls; a